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To inspire and educate through the provision of the highest quality training and assessment services.

Why Choose Nova Training?

NOVA Training provides a high quality service to employers and students.

Your staff receive:
  • Assessments from a supportive & qualified Assessor
  • User-friendly, professionally prepared workbooks
  • A choice of Workshops for selected units
  • A set of assessment resources specific to their course
  • An Evidence Portfolio unique to NOVA Training
  • A helpline via email or phone for advice and support
  • Reminders prior to each worksite visit by letter and phone
  • A holistic assessment process
  • Regular scheduled worksite visits for monitoring and assessments

    Why Invest in Staff Professional Development?

    Qualifying staff through traineeships makes good business sense. In a highly competitive employment market, organisations need to attract and retain good staff.

    Traineeships combine paid work with learning and are an effective incentive for Your organisationísís staff retention.

    These are the 5 main reasons staff give for leaving their employment (in no particular order):
  • I was not appreciated
  • Poor management
  • I was not developed
  • I could not cope with the work
  • I left to advance my career

    Staff development through traineeships makes a positive difference to each one of these factors.

    It has been recognised that participation in formal training both lowers costs and increases productivity (refer An important additional benefit comes from the increased prestige and reduced risk associated with having qualified staff caring for vulnerable and disadvantaged groups.

    Our method of delivering traineeships means you can provide a professional development program with fewer disruptions to job performance than other traditional methods of learning. Learning takes place at the worksite, and wherever possible working and learning are combined to reduce the amount of paid staff time involved.

    For some trainees Government incentives may be available to off-set training costs.

  • Feedback

    We go the extra mile for our's what they say
    "The time set was long enough to present all the work. I didnít feel rushed or pressured" - Clair

    "Some of the questions are different to ours and it makes you think more about all aspects of their lives and how to work with the skills and give improvement" - Donna

    "The chance to really give thought to a specific clients needs, wants and how we can support them" - Jodie

    "Searching for the information amazingly found so much more details than expected on this person that I thought I knew so well" - Lorraine

    "Looking up the Codes of Practice on the internet, looking through (my organisationís) policies" - Clair

    "I enjoyed updating my skills and competencies, all correspondence was clear and easy to understand. Assessments were professional and friendly" - Cathy

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